The Art Critic
Kristen Jensen

Daphne Anderson Deeds will be on hiatus from her Art Critic column while she writes the catalogue essay for Theatre of Dreams: Paintings by Robert Hamilton, an exhibition at the Center for Maine Contemporary Art during the fall of 2019.

Craven Contemporary is a powerhouse of a gallery owned and directed by Andrew Craven who is committed to edgy and confrontational work by well-established artists.
The current exhibition at The Washington Art Association & Gallery and The Judy Black Memorial Park features works by twenty-three artists from the state of Connecticut.
The current exhibition at James Barron Art offers a rare opportunity to appreciate Aaron Siskind’s breakthrough photographs in a lesser-known dimension of mid-twentieth century modernism. 
The artist’s reverence for history and the simplicity and elegance of ancient objects inspires Peter Busby, but it is his command of his materials that enables him. 
Acclaimed poet and West Cornwall resident Sally Van Doren has transferred thought to image, transitioning from page to canvas in an exhibition at the Cornwall Public Library. 
David Dunlop seeks to stretch time, so that it is elastic enough to convey the process of seeing. His work can be viewed at The White Gallery in a new exhibition called The Electric City.
On view at the Washington Art Association & Gallery is an exhibit of works by Ruth Miller and Andrew Forge, two artists and partners who pursued equivalent philosophies.
On view at the Tremaine Gallery at Hotchkiss School is Becoming: 30 Hotchkiss Artists featuring works by alumni that reflect the perpetual state of becoming.