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Lost Beauty: Iona FacIaL, Marky kauFFMann, ©2012


Currently showing at the Hotchkiss Tremaine Gallery is the exhibition Outspoken: Seven Women Photographers featuring works depicting the lives of girls and women. Worth a visit!

The Tremaine Art Gallery at Hotchkiss School in Lakeville is now presenting an exhibit featuring the work of seven women photographers: Nadine Boughton, Blake Fitch, Nancy Grace Horton, Marky Kauffmann, Tira Khan, Rania Matar and Emily Schiffer.

The exhibit, Outspoken: Seven Women Photographers will run November 2, 2018 – January 13, 2019. The exhibit has traveled extensively to galleries throughout the northeast including Nesto Gallery, Milton Academy; Cornelius Ayer Wood ‘13 Gallery, Middlesex School; De Menil Gallery, Groton School; Hess Gallery, Pine Manor College; and Providence Center for Photographic Arts.

BLast oFF, nancy Grace Horton, ©2010
eMILy at FIve, eMILy scHIFFer, ©2005

The award-winning photographers gathered for the exhibit depict a range of cultural experiences, ages, and settings in their portrayal of the lives of women and girls, from early childhood to advanced age, from refugee camp to the backyard clothesline – all with the aim to amplify the voices of women and girls.

aMIa, BLake FItcH, ©2015

In the words of curator, educator, and photographer Marky Kauffmann, “The images in this show ask the viewer to question assumptions about what is fair, right, or possible for women and girls. What do girls get to do or be before the cultural onslaught inevitably comes? If growing up is in part about gaining power over our lives, then what do girls gain or lose as they navigate the hurdles with which they are confronted? What happens to the search for identity in a patriarchal world? As a female, do I dare stand out, shout out, be outspoken?”

venus rIsInG, nadIne BouGHton, ©2014
HIBa, sHILa PaLestInIan reFuGee caMP, BeIrut LeBanon, ranIa Matar, ©2010
aFter caMP, tIra kHan, ©2013

A gallery talk with curator and photographer Marky Kauffmann, Tira Khan, and Nancy Grace Horton followed by a reception and exhibit preview on November 1 at 7 pm.

The Tremaine Art Gallery is open Tuesday through Saturday, 10 a.m. to 4 pm, and Sunday, noon to 4 pm.

Gallery Talk and Reception: November 1, 7 pm
(please call 860.435.4423 to RSVP for gallery talk)

Hotchkiss Tremaine Gallery
The Hotchkiss School
11 Interlaken Road


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