Coaching Corner
Life Coach Tal Fagin Provides Guidance to Your Quandaries
Tal Fagin
For her final column, life coach Tal Fagin offers her greatest hits—a farewell tour of essential practices and  simple strategies for better living.
With back-to-reality season upon us, Tal Fagin suggests making changes that will break your addiction to technology and restore balance in your life.
Sometimes we get paralyzed—afraid to step forward, unable to go back... life coach Tal Fagin points out the value of stepping away — giving yourself a rest.
Whether you are looking to savor your summer—or to make the most of your limited and precious time—life coach Tal Fagin offers advice on practicing gratitude.
Life Coach Tal Fagin reflects on her own struggle as she helps a reader who is having difficulty navigating a perfect storm of family issues, career developments, and an injury.
Life Coach Tal Fagin begins this column on motherhood by remembering her own mother—and offers invaluable lessons from all the magnificent mothers she has known.
Life Coach Tal Fagin says that every parent she knows wants their children to be happy and they worry about it. Tal suggests they take the time to explore what “happy” means to them.
Life Coach Tal Fagin encourages us to imagine a world where we approach one another with curiosity and care, where we are slow to judge but quick to extend the benefit of the doubt.