Happening in the Hills
January 18, 2020

Snow Snake Workshop

Did you know that snow snake, a traditional Haudonosaunee (Iroquois) winter game, is still played in many Northern Native American communities? This game involves a stick carved and decorated to resemble a snake. Competitors try to see how far they can throw the stick along a snow trench. Now you have a chance to make your own snow snake. Join IAIS Educator and wood crafter Susan Scherf for an afternoon of whittling good fun. We will provide the materials, but ask that participants bring a whittling knife. If weather permits, join in a friendly competition following the workshop.

Space is limited. Pre-registration is required by January 16. Please call (860)
868-0518 or email general@iaismuseum.org to reserve your spot.

Price for workshop, including materials:
$5 for Members, $15 for Adults, $13 for Seniors, $11 for Children.

Saturday, January 18

The Institute For American Indian Studies
38 Curtis Rd, Washington, CT
(860) 868-0518

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