Happening in the Hills
October 1 - October 24, 2019

Shift: Revisited
Mixed Media by Suzan Scott

“As a painter, my language is line and color and shape. They are my tools. They are my voice made visible…the question is never what am I looking at; the question is: what do I see?”

Suzan Scott’s work explores the qualities of color, light and abstraction in nature that combines her interests in art, nature, and science. Nature informs her work and directs her eye; the effects of light, color and atmospherics feature prominently in her work. New visual information constantly presents itself to her. Close observation and awareness of the moment play a big part in her art practice.

Suzan is a member of the Arts Alliance of Woodbury, the Canton Artists Guild, the Washington Art Association, and the Artspace New Haven Artist Directory. She has exhibited in solo and group shows across the state for over 25 years. Her work has been shown in galleries, private schools, colleges and universities, including the John Slade Ely House, Slater Museum, New Britain Museum, Yale ArtSpace Gallery, Homer Babbidge Library at UConn Storrs, and UConn Health Center. She has participated in City Wide Open Studios in New Haven since 2002, showing at Erector Square and Alternative Space venues. Scott has also exhibited in Blue Mountain Gallery’s Annual Invitational Show in Chelsea, NY. Visit her website at: suzanscott.com


Jamie Gagarin Community Room & Gallery
Oliver Wolcott Library
160 South Street


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