Happening in the Hills
October 1 - 6, 2019

Curated by the Realist artist, Eric Forstmann

Eckert Fine Art announces “Realish” curated by the Realist artist, Eric Forstmann. The show strives in a selective way to examine the creative impulse to interpret what is Real. This survey of art, spanning more than a century, will exhibit artistic and expressive reflections on the worlds of 15 accomplished and museum collected artists.

Featured Artists: William Bailey, Alice Dalton Brown, Theodore Earl Butler, J.F. Carlson, Chuck Close, Ken Davies, Richard Estes, and Eric Forstmann.

“What is Real? A question that has been asked for generations and the attempt to answer has been tackled by writers, philosophers, scientists and artists.

Artists have tried harder than many to solve the mystery to the layered question at hand. Thankfully, especially for museums and galleries, the question has never been answered adequately enough to stop another from trying to give their version of real.

The thing about artists is the looking and looking and looking and finally, hopefully seeing. It has driven curious eyes and hands for as long as there have been eyes and hands. The attempt to capture what we see in two dimensions predates France’s Lascaux cave paintings but as handwriting is as different as fingerprints, so are interpretations of our world by different eyes and minds. Such is the beauty and complexity of art and artists. Wolf Kahn, Kathleen Kolb, John Mellencamp, Skip Steinworth, Wayne Thiebaud, Robert Weaver, James Abbott McNeill Whistler, Stephen Scott Young.” – Eric Forstmann

Gallery Hours: Thursday – Saturday 10 am – 5 pm, Sunday 12 – 5 pm


Eckert Fine Art
12 Old Barn Rd


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