Happening in the Hills
October 1-31, 2019

Privet Lives Welcomes Mr. Dog
Eat, Play, Sleep…

Mr. Dog New York has a commitment to a singular point of view: One in which people and dogs inhabit a shared world where there is no difference in dog products and people products.

Mr. Dog makes products for dogs and the people who live with them. They create purposeful, useful everyday objects using the best possible materials available. The collection of bowls, treats, toys, beds, bags etc. are all made in the USA and are durable, whimsical, highly functional and oh, by the way…everything in the collection is beautifully designed with great attention to detail.

When we first discovered Mr. Dog at a trade show in New York we absolutely flipped (we would have wagged our tails if possible). In addition to the striking good looks of the entire collection, what spoke to us most is Mr. Dog’s commitment to their first audience, their dogs. And their “dog ambassadors” can attest to that…they lick, scratch, chew, bite, throw, rub, sniff and slobber test each prototype. Through these interpreters, the makers understand what works and what doesn’t, so only the best of the best is in the Mr. Dog collection.

Privet Lives
13 East Shore Road
New Preston


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