Happening in the Hills
October 5, 2019

Living the Good Life
Author Betty Krasne with Jill Drew

Betty Krasne’s novel revisits the town at the center of her short story collection Body Parts. Against a background of 1980s excess in America, two men come into conflict as they pursue opposite routes through the boom times. A corporate raider makes the most of the power over women and men his position and money bring him while the son of a famous senator, hides out as a gardener in the small New England town of Lynnfield. It is through the women in their lives that events become increasingly a conflict between trust and deceit,

Krasne will have a conversation with Jill Drew about the process of writing, read excerpts that introduce some of the characters, give hints of the plot, and answer questions.

Betty Krasne is the author of poems, articles, and seven books. For the greater part of her career she was a professor at Mercy College in Westchester, N.Y. Jill Drew is the former Associate Editor of The Washington Post.

Saturday October 5, 4 pm


Scoville Memorial Library
38 Main Street


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