Happening in the Hills
October 22, 2019

China Trade Relations
Lecture at Gunn Library

Professor, Historian & Author Mark Albertson will deliver a lecture entitled Decoding U.S.-China Trade Relations. His presentation will be on October 22 at Gunn Memorial Library.

The history of trade with China is almost as old as America itself, and today, America and China boast the world’s #1 and #2 largest economies. Trade between the two countries has been massive, yet often contentious. During more than 230 years of trade between the dominant powers China and the United States have witnessed a string of ups and downs, standoffs and reconciliations, trade wars and physical wars. Today, the relationship is strained, and the two countries are locked in a showdown where goods are viewed as economic weapons as much as they are merchandise to be bought and sold.
President Trump insists the trade war has weakened China and strengthened the position of the United States, but experts say “the measures have disrupted trade, hurt manufacturing, roiled international markets, and slowed the global economy.”
Join Professor Alberton as he discusses how the two global giants got to where they are today.

Mark Albertson is the historical research editor at Army Aviation magazine and is the historian for the Army Aviation Association of America.  He has authored several books: USS Connecticut: Constitution State Battleship; They’ll Have to Follow You!: The Triumph of the Great White Fleet; and On History.  He is presently at work on the second of a two-volume history of Army Aviation.  Mark teaches as an adjunct at Norwalk Community College on the topics such as World War 1, World War 11, Vietnam, Iraq, The American Empire, the Nazi Revolution and Jihad!  An avid speaker, he travels widely throughout Connecticut presenting topics of history and current events in a variety of venues.  In May 2005, Mark was presented with a General Assembly Citation by both houses of Congress in Hartford for his efforts in commemorating the centennial of Battleship Connecticut.

Tuesday, October 22, 6 pm

Registration requested

Gunn Memorial Library
5 Wykeham Road


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