Happening in the Hills
January 18 - March 28

Heirlooms: Quilts from the Another Country Quilt Cycle

Opening Reception
January 18
3:00 pm to 6:00 pm

Maxon Mills Gallery, Wassaic Project
37 Furnace Bank Road, Wassaic, NY

The Wassaic Project is pleased to present ​Heirlooms: Quilts from the Another Country Quilt Cycle​, a solo exhibition of works from DARNstudio based in Litchfield County. ​Heirlooms features a series of quilts and smaller process works that present multilayered narratives, each encoded with a pattern that invites us to unpack and investigate the tangled cords of systemic racism that have betrayed America’s proclaimed values since its inception.

Referencing inherited objects and traditions, DARNstudio creates dialogue around ideas and beliefs passed down that are insidious and morally abject. Our national inheritance includes an altogether darker component that is at the root of, or exacerbates every societal ill that plagues our contemporary social consciousness. This inheritance is our history of slavery; it’s lasting, ongoing impact; and the racism invented and indoctrinated to justify it.

On the surface, the work, much like the erstwhile grain elevator in which it is installed, invokes timeworn agrarian ideals centering human industry and a sentimental yearning for days past. Both the traditional quilt, a precious keepsake passed down through generations, and the grain elevator, once rising steeple-like in small towns across our rural landscape, speak to a simplified, homogenized notion of America depicted in art and music and reified as national identity.This show, removed from a traditional art context and sited in this mill-cum-gallery, opens itself to alternate, more nuanced, if not challenging, interpretations.

wassaicproject.org // @wassaicproject // Gallery Hours: Saturday, 12:00 to 5:00 PM

image: DARNstudio

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