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Shaari Horowitz

Shaari Horowitz is an artist from Sharon. A graduate of  Pratt Institute, she has been a mural painter for over 25 years. In a workshop-studio in their 19th century barn, Shaari and her husband Alistair Jones create and exhibit intricately hand painted and gilded wood bowls, which they exhibit and sell across the country.

In her own work, Shaari creates stories in landscape using oil paint and cold wax on paper, old book pages and board. She also teaches painting workshops. These new paintings are a 360-degree departure from her daily focus on precise, intense, and detailed paintwork and gilding. Each piece is a step along a pathway leading, once again, to a time of making art for pure pleasure, as well  a direct, intuitive dip back into the joy of playing with color and paint.

For more information or to purchase a painting, contact Shaari Horowitz at: 860.364.9866 or

To see more of Shaari’s work, go to her website at:

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