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wendell Castle, above-within-beyond, 2014, bronze

Sculpture Walk 2018 In the Depot

WAA has turned the Depot into an outdoor art gallery featuring 60 works by forty accomplished international and local artists and emergent sculptors. Don’t miss it.

It’s impossible to miss them— they are everywhere—on the way to the bookshop, in front of the grocery store, on the grounds of the town hall, and by the edge of the river. These sculptures are part of the new outdoor exhibition called the Sculpture Walk launched on July 1 and running through November 1 by the Washington Art Association & Gallery. Some are bold and some are more subtle. Some are made of metal, a few of stone, and others in wood. The materials are as diverse as the artists.

The show, curated by WAA Trustees Mark Mennin and Barbara Talbot, came to life through their hard work, collaborations with community partners, the Town of Washington, and many generous supporters and volunteers. The landscape provides a common backdrop to the placements of the works, beginning at WAA, the Town Hall, and Plaza, over to the Judy Black Memorial Park & Garden, then to the East Plaza where the Hardware Supply, Hickory Stick, Marty’s Cafe and the Pantry are situated. As well, the art has been placed in less obvious places such as the new Titus Park, a 4 1/2 acre town-owned piece of land behind the Depot, and a walkway runs alongside the river to the GW Tavern.

The list of sculptors includes hugely accomplished international artists such as Frank Stella and Julian Schnabel, along with our own Mark Mennin and Philip Grausman, and many other talented individuals.

Participating Artists Include:
Mary Adams
Lauren Booth
Joy Brown
Arthur Carter
Wendell Castle
Ralph Derby
Tom Doyle
Caio Fonseca
Sam Funk
Joe Gitterman
Harry Gordon
Philip Grausman
Timothy Hochstetter
Fitzhugh Karol
Cornelia Kubler Kavanagh
Peter Kirkiles
Elizabeth MacDonald
Ann Mallory
Mark Mennin
Momix Dance Theater
Peter Muehlhaeusser
Daniel Murray
Hugh O’Donnell
John O’Reilly
Jake Paron
Michael Patterson
Marsha Pels
Jon Piasecki
Don Porcaro
Tim Prentice
Julian Schnabel
Stephen Shaheen
Ned Smyth
Michael Steiner
Frank Stella
Norman Sunshine
William “Bill” Talbot
William Hyde Talbot
Robert Taplin
Lee Tribe

Here are a few examples of some of the pieces featured throughout Washington Depot.

PhiliP Grausman, heather, 2009

tim PrentiCe, rod Curtain, 2009

frank stella, star with square tubinG, 2016

Harry Gordon, female torso, 2018

joy brown, kneeler, 2016

In the fall, Mark Mennin will be giving a joint discussion with Caio Fonseca. “Public art enables a visitor to live with sculpture,” explains Mennin, “it is an everyday experience with art, and it creates a lot of conversation.”

Save the Date:
Saturday, October 27, 2018
6 – 9 pm
Art Patron’s Party
The Washington Art Association & Gallery invites you
to celebrate in costume. Come as your favorite sculptor
(living or otherwise) or a piece of sculpture.
Cocktails & Hors d’Oeuvres. Prizes for best costumes.

Public spaces are open daily from 9 am to dusk.
The Sculpture Walk opened on July 1 and will run through
November 1, 2018.