Coaching Corner
Life Coach Tal Fagin Provides Guidance to Your Quandaries
Tal Fagin
Life Coach Tal Fagin encourages us to imagine a world where we approach one another with curiosity and care, where we are slow to judge but quick to extend the benefit of the doubt.
New Year’s resolutions can bring on a sense of failure. Life Coach Tal Fagin applauds any effort to be intentional about yourself and offers ideas for sticking to a new game plan.
The holidays often shake something loose, creating tension between ourselves and our mothers. Life Coach Tal Fagin gives insight on how to take a fresh look at those encounters.
The most wonderful time of the year can also be busy and stressful. Life Coach Tal Fagin offers this version of a gift guide to help make the holiday season as joyful as possible.
Life coaching expert Tal Fagin responds to a reader’s concern with specific thoughts on regaining and protecting their own sense of joy, even against the backdrop of so much turmoil.
Life coaching expert Tal Fagin responds to a professional who received a promotion but feels undeserving of it. She offers a handful of tools to deal with the self-doubt and to bolster self-confidence.
Life coaching expert Tal Fagin responds to a bored reader who 
left the workforce to stay at home. Her advice includes summoning her Future Self and making a Lifetime To Do List.
Life coaching expert Tal Fagin responds to a reader who feels pulled in a million directions. She offers solutions on how to slow down and find daily practices to keep you grounded.