Wink Series Exhibit
Paintings by April Crumrine

Wink Series, an exhibit and sale of April Crumrine’s paintings will open at The Minor Memorial Library in Roxbury.

April Crumrine’s brilliantly colored “Wink” paintings with their great swaths of color bring to mind the work of abstract expressionist Marc Rothko, well-known for his use of large blocks of color.
Paintings in the Wink Series reflect the artist’s use of the stars to communicate with her four children while they traveled around the world. When the constellation Orion appeared, she would wink at it, knowing that her children would wink at it when the constellation appeared in the sky over them. The horizontal line in a painting divides the canvas into the hemispheres.
Ms. Crumrine has exhibited her work in numerous shows in New England and the UK, most recently at Brick Lane Gallery in London. Her art is included in many private collections. The show runs through Saturday, April 7.


Minor Memorial Library
23 South Street