Three New Exhibitions
At Five Points Gallery

Five Points Gallery will open three concurrent shows, “Jack Rosenberg I.D. Entity,” Creatures/Gig Lavery” and “Personal Identities”.

“I.D. Entity” is a solo exhibition of Jack Rosenberg’s oil paintings on canvas and on aluminum panels that will be shown in the East Gallery. When he begins a portrait or a painting of figures, the artist says he usually has a general idea “of what I want to accomplish, the canvas has its own idea of what it wants to be; and at some point we come to a mutual agreement.” 

In the TDP Gallery, “Creatures” is a solo exhibit of sculptor Gig Lavery’s work. The inspiration for her clay pieces comes from her love of animals, and from the pottery of primitive cultures, its simplicity and its relationship to the animal world. Lavery applies layers of oxides to the surfaces of her stoneware to evoke a feeling of an archeological find. The show was curated by Peter Waite.

 The West Gallery features “Personal Identities,” a group show of five artists who address various aspects of individuality and separateness in their work, using painting, drawing, sculpture and printmaking. Reinterpreting the scenes and narratives of her Polish-American heritage, painter Justyna Dabrowski says she often incorporates fabrics from her home “in order to reference my past.”. Ronald J. Sloan paints color-saturated, expressionistic images of abstract human forms. Through sculpture and printmaking, Camilla Marie Dahl investigates “how young women navigate their ways in a world riddled with contradictory messages, rules and expectations.” The drawings and paintings of Brad Guarino explore the “lingering cultural constructs of masculinity and how they affect the way men relate to one another.” Artist Grier Torrence aspires “towards a painting with a high and low comedy/tragedy, both abstract and representational: figurative, naturally living alongside reality, in a parallel existence, solid and palpable as a poem.”.

The exhibition is sponsored by Union Savings Bank. Gallery hours are Thursdays through Mondays, 1 p.m.-5 p.m., and by appointment.

Artists’ Panel Discussion: Friday, September 14, at 6:30 pm


Five Points Gallery
33 Main street
860. 618.7222