The Wonders of Bird Migration
At Flanders

Interested in learning more about the wonders of bird migration? Why do birds migrate? Where do they go? What factors such as weather play a part in migration? How best to observe and track your own birding experiences?

On Friday evening, September 13th Flanders will be hosting Fran Zygmont, a local and longtime avid birder for a fascinating program on bird migration. With an extensive knowledge of birds, Fred has led hundreds of bird walks as well as domestic and international trips over the past 25 years and continues to do so with a focus on education and the enjoyment of birds.

Covered will be the myths of bird migration of older times and  the newest technologies now used to track bird migration, the latest research that help us to understand the whys and hows of migration, as well as the threats and challenges birds encounter during migration.

Zygmont will share some of his stories and experiences and provide expert birding insight,  tips, and links to those attending for their own journeys of enjoying, observing and tracking birds.

Fran is Past President of the Audubon Council of Connecticut, and Litchfield Hills Audubon Society Board of Directors. He maintains a life list of over 1,000 bird species – over 265 in Litchfield County and over 340 in Connecticut. Fran has participated in many bird censuses and, as a member of a team of five holds the Connecticut State “Big Day” birding record with 193 species observed in a 24-hour period. He is also a bird call imitator – able to imitate the songs and calls of over 40 common and uncommon birds in our region.

Friday evening, September 13, 6 pm

Cost: $10 members; $15 non-members
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Flanders’ Studio
At the intersection of Flanders & Church Hill Road
203.263.3711, ext. 12