Little Kings,Timothy Forry; Recollection No 55 (Virginia), Barbara Marks

Tales and Recollections

Serendipity Gallery is pleased to announce “Tales and Recollections” by Connecticut artists Barbara Marks and Timothy Forry, and curated by Liliana Kleid.

Barbara Marks
I use color to create space. My paintings are rooted in observation.
For my subject matter, I look to the ordinary and the local. In my work, I oscillate between geometric and representational abstraction, driven by my interest in economy of expression, and my belief in the role that color can play in the situation of a particular painting. My work lodges itself at the intersection of nature, culture, and place.
What motivates me is my desire to re-present an ordinary moment, in a painting, by manipulating color, shape, and composition in such a way that the possibility of multiple interpretations (or reads) engages the viewer and invites closer investigation. The practice of painting is what sustains me. I paint carefully, deliberately, and with pure pleasure.
I am working on a long-range project, “Recollection”, a series of smallish, square, colorful paintings on panel and on paper. I began this project last spring, and I’ve completed 99 paintings to date. I intend to paint many more. I am growing the series into an aggregate composed of hundreds of small-scale paintings that, when installed as a whole, will take on a monumental scale.

Timothy Forry
My training in college was in literature and writing. I’ve painted for just as long, and find many similarities between the two forms of expression. A series of paintings is like a novel, where each painting is a chapter that can stand on its own, but is integral to an overarching story. Then there are paintings or prints that tell a complete story on their own, and there are some that are just fragments of a story. I think of those fragments as poems.
My recent monotypes have been influenced by my love of nature and science fiction, specifically the subgenre of dystopian / utopian futures. I’ve striven to tell the story of a world that may be ours or, at least, very much like it. It is a world that, for us, is post-history, yet pre-history for its inhabitants. To us, their time, their environment, flora and fauna are ambiguous and fuzzy. Unknowable. They are living in a time of regeneration, long after a post-apocalyptic event. They are childlike and unspoiled, yet, they have not been fooled into thinking they hold dominion over nature, but rather, are one with it. I think of this series as a premonition or at the least, wish fulfillment.
In making this series, I have experimented with techniques used in both painting and printmaking. I have discarded the idea of using a hard plate, but instead use water-saturated watercolor paper as both the plate and the printing surface, which creates mirror images that I can then embellish or continue to print on. It has also been a way for me to reduce the amount of waste created, as I no longer need to scrape unused paint from the plate. The soaked paper also added an element of surprise to the process, as the water would carry the pigments across and through the paper to unplanned sections of the work, bringing forms to life where I hadn’t envisioned them. The process has been playful and freeing for me and I look forward to all of the surprises it will yield.

The exhibition will be on view from August 5 – 30. Gallery hours: Wednesday through Sunday 12 – 6 pm.

Opening Reception: Saturday, August 5, 6 – 8 pm


Serendipity Gallery
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