Here and There:
Peruvian Artist Marisabel Artieda

The Loft Gallery welcomes a new exhibition of paintings and drawings by Peruvian artist Marisabel Artieda. In 2000, with art degree in hand, Marisabel Palomino Artieda relocated from Peru to Washington Depot, where she found mentorship and encouragement in her new backyard at the Washington Art Association. Marisabel was born in Lima, Peru and started drawing and painting at a very young age. She studied art and graphic design at The Institute of the Andes where she earned her BA degree. In 2001, she married and moved to Washington Connecticut, where she joined the local art association finding the supportive network that she was looking for.  Marisabel has since focused on atelier style of oil painting with her mentor and friend, Patty Fogle.
In addition to raising her two daughters, making art is a priority and daily routine in her life. “Art has become for me a lifetime experience that never ends.” She describes her process in her home studio and at class as “a vitamin for my soul and heart. It starts with objects that catch my attention from the gut in response to their color and form in a path of light. Next, I develop a composition through sketches and drawings that becomes the value pattern, or bones of the artwork. The paint follows, influenced by the warm earth colors deeply rooted from my youth in Peru.”
“Here and There” expresses Marisabel’s love for her land that reflects the Peruvian culture and people. This exhibit will include recent drawings in charcoal, and her most recent series of still life paintings and landscapes of Connecticut and Peru.

Opening Reception: Saturday, October 7, 4 – 6 pm


Loft Gallery
The Smithy Store
10 Main Street
New Preston