Lambertson Truex Redux
At Privet Lives

Award-winning handbag gurus Richard Lambertson and John Truex originally founded their namesake brand in 1998. Known for its innovative aesthetic and commitment to fine craftsmanship, Lambertson Truex became an iconic American luxury brand.

There’s no such thing as too much of a good thing… Lambertson Truex returns to Privet Lives, Saturday, April 6th. We’re talking a whole new collection of bags, totes, and accessories in new shapes, colors, and textures. Plus… new menswear items made of ultrachic, light-weight nylon. Hello, backpacks and messenger bags.

A curated selection of LT classics will also be available, as well as made-to-order bags and on-site personal monogramming. And if that’s not enough to spring you out the door, Lambertson Truex will be hosting a few friends and their wares and wearables throughout the pop-up, meaning a double dose of goodies.

It’s all about the bag. And if there’s one thing that Lambertson Truex does best, it’s designing the perfect bag. And tote. And accessories. Yes, they’re back… and we just can’t get enough. Their Spring ’19 collection is a breath of fresh air and we couldn’t keep it all to ourselves. #itsallaboutthebag

Free admission

Privet Lives
13 East Shore Road
New Preston