Jim Napierala New Artworks
At Byrde + the b

Byrde + the b is pleased to announce an exhibition of recent paintings by Jim Napierala in conjunction with Community Day on Friday June 7. The artist works with acrylic paints on wood.  He enjoys the resistance that painting on wood gives him.  He creates intimate works that bring to life a whimsical universe of colliding geometrical and biomorphic shapes that are superimposed over one another and manifest into a magical world.  Napierala’s work is an updated twist on the work of the great master Arshile Gorky, but with a sly and humorous attitude.
“My work has been evolving since the day I first decided to paint. Successful or not, each painting informs the next. I cull from our collective past, as well as my own and contextualize these experiences within a retinal event”.
The exhibition runs through June 28, 2019.

Opening Reception: Friday June 7, 5:30-7:30 pm


Byrde + the b
10 Titus Road
Washington Depot