Jeff Przech at
Twelve Moons Coffee House

On Saturday, July 6, 2019 Twelve Moons Coffee House welcomes Jeff Przech.
Przech’s songs deal with struggle and the human condition, topics that are relatable to most, and while listeners may not have walked in the shoes of the narrator in “Someday”, they can empathize with his toil and loneliness. Przech gives his narrators a voice, even if that voice does not necessarily belong to Przech himself.

While classic, narrative songwriting and soulful, emotive vocals have always been hallmarks of Przech’s songs, he takes a distinct musical turn with “Someday” and the rest of his new music. The result is a loose, laid back feel that is equally on the stage or on a porch somewhere. Shawn Underwood of Twangville says, “On his new single, ‘Someday’, Jeff Przech has layered some good, twangy banjo and mandolin on top of the southern rock roots of his last album. The result is a fertile new sound that I’m looking forward to hearing more of.”

The new music from Jeff Przech (“Presh”) is a big musical departure from his 2018 release, “Jeff Przech & The Outfit”… which was a big musical departure from his 2015 debut, “Sounds Like Fresh”. While this might seem like a deliberate reimagining of his sound, Przech disagrees: “I don’t think you can call this a reinvention because I don’t feel I invented anything in the first place. I’ve always done the same thing with my songs and recording – I just chase the sounds I hear in my head. For these new songs I heard them very raw, stripped down, so that’s how we captured them.”
Listen to Jeff’s music at:

Saturday, July 6, 7 – 10 pm

Donation requested

The Center on Main
103 Main Street
Falls Village