Documentary Filmmaker Series:
A Light in the Dark,
Classical artist Frank Mason

Frank Mason was a traditional painter and a driving force in keeping the principles of the master’s alive through the era of modernism. The film explores the legacy of this  New York artist and educator, as he reveals the scandal behind art restoration and the fights to preserve our cultural heritage. In Mason’s opinion many of our greatest paintings have been destroyed by overzealous art restorers. An icon of landscape, figural and classical art techniques of the Masters, Mason was a renown painter and teacher whose direct lineage is Connecticut’s Old Lyme school.

Frank Mason’s prolific career as an oil painter can only be matched by his devotion to inspire others to embrace the beauty and mystery of classical style painting.  His passion for learning and teaching remained central throughout his life and in the words of Columbia University art historian, James Beck, “He kept the light burning” for three generations of artists.” A number of Mason’s original works will be on display. Art lovers will be delighted and challenged.

Grandnephew, Scott Mason, videographer, studied with Frank Mason for a half decade before transitioning to the medium of filmmaking. Through his background as a trained artist and rich family history he has had the fortune to collaborate with director, Sonny Quinn, to bring Frank Mason’s story to light.

Saturday, December 2, 4 – 6 pm


Wardell Room
Scoville Memorial Library
38 Main Street