David Dunlop’s The World Around Us
At The White Gallery

The White Gallery opens David Dunlop’s The World Around Us. A gallery favorite, Dunlop’s show features all new works. Our New England landscape’s undulating topography, gauzy summer atmosphere, incandescent meadows, clear lakes and streams with their fleeting reflections all serve as territories for adventurous exploration in Dunlop’s paintings. These works emit and emote their light and vibrate with subtle motion.

“David Dunlop has been called a modern-day old master, and with good reason. His paintings transcend the ephemeral and often temperamental nature of the contemporary art world; David says of his work, ‘I think the idea is not to startle but to offer insight, which is far more elusive and difficult. Works of art that startle are transitory. The most effective painting doesn’t prejudice people toward certain results, it lets people do their thinking and project their imagination into the painting,’” said Tino Galluzzo, Director of The White Gallery.

“Immersion in a natural landscape offers an awakening; the vistas, the intimate close-ups, the time of day, the temperature, the quality of light, the season all become more pronounced when embedded in the landscape,” said Dunlop. “We scan the textures, colors, shapes and look for movement. The paintings in this show offer a variety of  sensations within the landscape now transmuted through paint.”

Whether in the field or the studio Dunlop approaches painting as an opportunity for research and experimentation. His work is not a transcription of a particular place but rather,  the places offer themselves as springboards for discoveries in the paint. How can the sway of grasses in low afternoon sunlight be explored and evoked? How do our biological vision and psychological perception feel a landscape and then later, create and present an analogous experience in viewing a painting?’

Dunlop and Galluzzo have a long history together with Dunlop’s first show in 2003.  Since then he has shown regularly at the gallery. “As a good and innovative gallerist Tino supports the explorations of artists like me,” said David.  “The result is an exhibition of surprises.  Just as the artist wises to explore new ground and innovate so does The White Gallery. Your expectations of the work of a particular artist will always be challenged by the visual surprises at The White Gallery.”

“Today the art world is more pluralistic in its offerings than ever before,” said Galluzzo. The painter’s tools more varied. Artists like David are testing varieties of new instruments and materials like brushed silver aluminum composites and a variety of multi-media technology to see what effects they can generate. Subject matter is more diverse.  The references to art history and the art of other cultures are now more deeply explored and borrowed.

A painter and lecturer based in Connecticut, Dunlop is also the engaging host and Emmy Award-winning writer of the 13-episode PBS television series, “Landscapes Through Time with David Dunlop.” Dunlop’s paintings have been shown internationally and are held in the collections of major corporations including Aetna Insurance, Citibank, Delta Airlines, GE Capital Corporation, IBM, Mobil and more.


The White Gallery
342 Main Street