Celebrating High Holiday Services
In Washington

The Greater Washington Coalition for Jewish Life (GWCJL) will be hosting High Holiday Services for 2019, led by their dynamic spiritual leader, Rabbi James Greene. Rosh Hashana will be the evening of September 29 and the morning of September 30, after which a light luncheon will be served. Kol Nidre will be the evening of October8, and Yom Kippur the morning and evening of October 9.

The GWCJL is a unique and diverse group of full time and weekend residents of the Litchfield County area who gather at members’ homes and local venues for stimulating spiritual, creative, intellectual, and social events. It is welcoming to all interested persons including interfaith families, Jews-By-Choice, and people of all sexual preferences. See our feature article on the event here.

Sunday, September 29, evening
Monday, September 30, morning