Autumn’s Marvelous Edible Plants
and Mushrooms

The autumn months bring with them a  bounty of nuts, ripe fruit, thickening roots and tubars, and and an astounding array of edible mushrooms and fungi. Flanders will be holding a program on these plants and mushrooms. The program will be led by The 3 Foragers, a family from southeastern Connecticut who have been foraging wild foods and fungi, and blogging about their adventures, for over ten years. They are authors of “Adventures in Edible Plant Foraging: Finding, Identifying, Harvesting, and Preparing Native and Invasive Wild Plants”, and were featured in Yankee Magazine, discussing family-friendly and sustainable foraging.

They will share their knowledge on the edible plants and fungi of autumn with a slideshow of original photos and recipe ideas. Participants will learn how to identify, sustainably harvest, and prepare the wild foods of the fall season, from acorns through minty wintergreen leaves, golden honey mushrooms and maitake, known as the “dancing mushroom”.

This will be followed by a short walk around the nature center where the group will hunt, identify, and determine the edibility of some of the plants and mushrooms found there.

The program will be held at the Flanders Sugar House. Children are welcome. Those interested may register online.

Saturday, September 7, 10 am

Cost: $10/members; $15/non-members

Flanders Sugar House
Located a quarter mile up from
the intersection of Flanders and Church Hill Road

203.263.3711, ext. 12