Art of Imagined Landscapes
Alissa Morabito paintings

Alissa Morabito has an obsession with beautiful landscapes and paints them through a retrospective and romanticized view. “I paint to bridge the gap between the real world and the perceived world,” she explains. “I want to capture that fleeting bit of magic that forever remains locked away in our memories.”

“I have an impassioned longing for light,” she points out. “Capturing the light is everything; it is what makes an ordinary landscape or figure ethereal.” Morabito feels that most moments in life, especially the ones we hold the closest to our hearts cannot often be captured on film. “Every painting, every stroke, starts from a memory and is linked with a feeling.”


Gunn Memorial Library Stairwell Gallery
5 Wykeham Road
(at the juncture of Route 47 opposite the Green)