Faces, places, treasures, and trends that caught our attention
KMR Arts is currently showing the platinum prints of legendary photographer Mark Seliger. His iconic portraits of rock stars and celebrities are a never-ending source of joy to look at.
A man of many talents, Charles Raskob Robinson is the author and artist of Lake Waramaug Observed, a wonderful book dedicated to the history and beauty of our enchanted lake.
Currently showing at the Hotchkiss Tremaine Gallery is the exhibition Outspoken: Seven Women Photographers featuring works depicting the lives of girls and women. Worth a visit!
Coaching Corner

Dear Readers,
In the wake of so many disturbing world events, a lot of people are looking for help making sense of our strange times. Some are struggling with memories of past abuse. Some are grappling with what to tell their children against a backdrop of so much vitriol and violence. Almost everyone I speak to—regardless of their politics—feels down and out about the state of the world, but not at all sure there is anything to be done.

So, in addition to one obvious but important step—PLEASE VOTE on November 6th—I would like to share this bit of advice from the archives.



Dear Coach,
Do you have any advice for remaining positive in dark times?  All my life, no matter what was coming at me, I have been a glass half-full kind of guy. Lately, not so much. At best, things feel overwhelming and confusing. At worse, kind of hopeless.

It’s not my personal circumstances that have me down. It’s the world at large. Things in my own life are pretty solid, but with the constant barrage of bad news—with all the dysfunction, violence and horrific disasters out there—it feels difficult, and deeply wrong, to bask in my own good fortune. My old sunny outlook feels clouded by guilt and aimless concern. Even on my best days, I can’t help but wonder why I should be so lucky, while so many others are struggling.

Do you have any ideas on how I can recover my sense of hope and joy? And do I even have a right to want that in our current environment?

Feeling the Weight of the World


Dear Feeling the Weight of the World,
I feel your pain! So many of us feel overwhelmed and confused—not to mention disgusted and distraught—by the current state of play in the world. What other decent reaction is there, when we are bombarded 24/7 by the heinous headlines and disturbing images that constitute the daily news?