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Accomplished actress Caroline Kinsolving returns to the area, launches two programs for the greater good, and finds a sophisticated, talented community with a generous heart.
Everybody in Litchfield County thinks their dog is the best dog in the world. With the return of the Best Dog in the World Contest, pooches' owners can vote on it for a great cause.
Coaching Corner

Dear Coach,
My marriage has gone a little stale, and I am hoping you can help me freshen things up a bit. I have no worries about impending divorce—both my wife and I are loyal and committed to one another and our family. Still, I feel as if we have slipped into a comfort rut. The routine rules. Children, work and other responsibilities always come first, leaving little time for anything else. I am not naive enough to expect butterflies after all these years of marriage. I know we are long past the stage of animal lust—dammit! I do believe we can do better, though. Is there anything you might suggest to help us improve our relationship, and maybe even rekindle the old spark.  



Dear Hopeful,
It sounds like you have a nice, stable marriage that could benefit from a little attention and focus. The early “in love” feeling that often leads to marriage is a thrill, and is part of our biology. That fluttery, jittery, I-can’t-eat-sleep-work-or-think-about-anything-but-you phase of a relationship plays a crucial evolutionary role. It makes us want to mate, and ensures our survival.